Is there a route to Higher Education Academy Fellowship?

Yes, for those who are working in Higher Education either teaching or supporting learners. 

This is an optional route through the programme which meets the requirements of the UK Professional Standards Framework, and results in accreditation as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. The course requirements for this route are the same as for the Certificate stage of the programme – the Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning course, plus one additional option course from the programme (60 credits in total). Those following the HEA route will also need to meet some additional requirements in their coursework in the Introduction course.


Further details

The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) has been developed by the HEA on behalf of the Higher Education sector as a whole. It is a national framework for comprehensively recognising and benchmarking teaching and learning support roles within Higher Education. The HEA accredited route through the MSc in Digital Education qualifies you for status as a Fellow of the HEA. Becoming a Fellow of the HEA provides national recognition of your commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education.

This route is part of the University of Edinburgh’s Continuing Professional Development Framework for Learning and Teaching. It encompasses a range of credit bearing courses and programmes as well as non-credit bearing CPD opportunities. An overview of the full CPD Framework is provided here:

Anyone in a role which relates to teaching and/or supporting learning in Higher Education, whether based in the UK or elsewhere, is eligible to follow this route through the programme*. Because it has implications for your work on the first course, Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning, you will need to decide, and discuss with the programme director before the start of the programme, if this is a route you wish to follow.

Please get in touch with the Programme Director if you have any questions about this.

*Please note that the HEA charges a fee for HEA Fellowship for individuals who are applying for professional recognition via accredited provision, who are not employed by a subscribing institution.

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